Black Beauty

Beautiful Black Models – Let’s Take A Look At Six

Beautiful Black Models

Black beauty is timeless! The charm and appeal of the top black models naturally turn all heads. Such irresistible beauty has allured even the top fashion magazines to a path with ridiculously fat cheques for the models to graze their covers.

Tyra Banks is a name that is synonymous with drop dead gorgeous. Her beauty robs men’s fantasy as she is one of the most sought-after supermodels by all those in the who’s is who list of leading fashion magazines.

Tyra Banks is one of the gems that has rocked the industry, but more gems have never stopped dazzling the beauty industry.

Here are top beautiful black models.

1. Arlenis Sosa

Arlenis Sosa is by birth a Dominican, and her beauty has continually stirred the world. She started as a Dominican fashion model, battled color prejudice, but her beauty couldn’t be contained. Since breaking into the fashion industry, she has represented the crème de la crème designers and fashion houses around the world. Lancôme, stunned by her beauty made her its spokes-model. Arlenis Sosa’s beauty charms the world over.

2. Damaris Lewis

Damaris Lewis has a face you just never forget. Her beauty is spellbinding and has made special appearances on once-in-a-lifetime exclusive world stage events. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Damaris Lewis has a strong background in performing arts, and she featured in Kanye West’s song ’Monster.’’ Besides, she featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit 2009, 2010, 2011, issues. In 2012, she was chosen by the prince to be the first muse as well as his dancer during the memorable welcome 2 Australia Tour.

3. Adaora Akubilo

The stunning black beauty has mesmerized the world with her striking beauty. A Nigerian model born and raised in Windsor, Conn., Adaora Akubilo has warmed her way into the heart of the fashion industry to grace the pages of envied fashion magazines. In 2013, she featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuits issues.

4. Tomiko Fraser Hines

Her elegance and beauty have hooked the heart and mind of the fashion industry. Tomiko Fraser Hines is a beauty darling born and raised in Bronx, New York. She is one of the longest spokeswomen for Maybelline, an exclusive cosmetic company. She wants the kind of beauty that you can get enough of it.

5. Rissikat Bade

Beauty with brains is a rare gem, but Rissikat Bade auspiciously banks the brilliant attributes. The 5-foot-10-inch stunning leggy beauty was born in Congo. At 21, she won the much-coveted Miss London in 2011. She lives in London, and she studied law at South Bank University. She is also fluent in Ukrainian and Russian Languages.

6. Chavoy Gorden

She is gorgeous and has a track record of incredibly placing enviably high at beauty pageants. She placed fifth in the hotly contested Miss Jamaica in 2011. She is also a nurse and has her eyes on being a doctor in the feature. She has defied the old saying of beauty without brains in every sense.


Beautiful black models have stamped a mark in the fashion industry with more models are bursting into the world stage with incredible beauty. Right from gracing the cover pages of the much-coveted fashion magazines to scoping the much-envied beauty pageants’ titles, beautiful black models continue to stun the world.

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